About Us

Comfort Shoe Specialists is a Pedorthic Facility and is professionally staffed by American Board Certified Pedorthists, BOC International Pedorthists and Shoe Technicians. We specialize in Modern Shoe Therapy, the difficult-to-fit patients, and helping people maintain better health and well-being overall.

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What to Expect

Comfort Shoe Specialists is a full service shoe store. We have our own on-site custom orthotic and shoe modification laboratory. When you arrive please sign in. One of our Certified Pedorthists or Specialists will assist you.

We recommend calling to schedule an appointment at 314-822-3300. Since we work with appointments first and walk-ins are seen first come, first served around our appointments, an appointment saves your time.

Our Certified Pedorthists or Specialists will assist you.

We recommend bringing your most comfortable shoes, as they “talk” to us, as well as all modalities used (orthotics, toe spacers, etc.). Most importantly, bring the socks and/or stockings that you wish to wear. Socks make a difference and we have high technology socks available.
Our Certified Pedorthists and Specialists do an evaluation/assessment gives you the opportunity to explain your concerns/pain issues you might be having, then we assess your biomechanics so we have the information to explain what your best options are. We then inform and explain what your biomechanical deficiencies and assets may be and what we can do. If footwear is needed, we will determine your proper shoe size which varies by brand and style. We will discuss your foot issues then present information about your available specific solutions. We recommend that you plan about an hour of time to undergo your full evaluation/assessment. This evaluation and assessment is valued at $30/hour, and is waived with purchases, however we do have people just want an assessment. We have 1,000’s of shoes and solutions available on-sight and often times can have you up and “running” the same day. In some cases, we will need to fabricate custom orthotics made to molds of your feet for which a prescription is needed. You may also require therapeutic footwear, and/or potentially make alterations on your footwear. Some may be able to be done the same day and some may need our Orthopedic Shoe Technician a few days to complete. In these cases, we’ll give you an estimated time of delivery of your new foot solutions and call you when they are complete. Your experience at Comfort Shoe Specialists will be like no other shoe shopping experience you’ve ever had. It will change the way you look at your shoe needs for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: I already have a prescription from my doctor for custom orthotics and shoes why should I have an evaluation done?

Your doctor diagnosed your condition and perhaps even what modalities are needed. Your biomechanical assessment is needed so that particular features can be constructed or accommodated which will effectively relieve your problem(s).

Q2: Will my custom orthotics fit in all of my old shoes?

Possibly. Some of your old shoes may work with your new orthotics if they have removable insoles and fit well. When you pick up your custom orthotics we recommend you bring a few pairs of shoes with you so we can trim the orthotic to fit the most pairs of your shoes. We recommend getting at least one new pair of shoes to go with your new orthotics so you have one pair of shoes that is fitted absolutely correctly and scientifically. About 90% of Americans wear their shoes too small, short or narrow than their feet. This analogy sums up our philosophy, the shoes are the cake and the orthotics are the icing. They work best when coordinated. You should also bring your favorite socks in so we have every layer that is to be used in the new footwear.

Q3: What guarantee do I have that custom orthotics will solve my problem?

There is no guarantee with human beings and medicine or therapies. Because we make our custom orthotics in-house we have the capability of modifying them in unlimited ways. The more you pin point the problem, the better we will be able to correct the problem. Your job is to tell us what is wrong and our job is to provide solutions.

Q4: I have a leg length discrepancy and need a shoe lift? Can you split the sole to add the lift?

We are experts at leg length discrepancy lifts and provide excellence in lift therapy.  To split a sole is to cut the bottom layer off, add the lift amount needed, then re-glue the original sole back on. The type of shoe and its sole will determine whether we can split the sole to insert a lift. This method is preferred for aesthetic reasons so we do this whenever possible. We are St. Louis’ experts at doing shoe lifts.

Q5: If you have a shoe in stock that I like but I want a different color, will you order it for me?

Comfort Shoe Specialists thrives on special orders. Our inventory is extensive and we are unable to have every color in every size since our shoes come in multiple widths. When doing a special order, we require payment upfront. It usually takes between three and four weeks to get special orders, dependent on availability. We stock the best shoes from around the world so our patients may have to exhibit patience for some models that are stocked overseas.

Q6: I know you carry Birkenstock and Finn Comfort but can you repair them?

Comfort Shoe Specialists can resole both Birkenstock and Finn Comfort in our laboratory. We can even repair linings in Finn Comfort if it becomes worn when the shoes are being resoled so the toe areas are accessible.

Insurance Information

Comfort Shoe Specialists works with the following insurance providers:

United Healthcare

United healthcare established the requirement for a referral from a primary care physician in order to make shoe design for a specific ailment.


If you match the qualifying conditions, a handful of government programmes may be able to help you save money on health care and prescription drugs.


We provide a real essence for the feet to live a comfortable existence even when placing feet on the floor is difficult.


We support the government policy of subsidizing medical costs for individuals who require suitable footwear, which is considered comparable to any therapy.

Workers Compensation Plans

If you are a worker who need therapy yet works long days and hours, let us just say we are pleased to assist you.

Flexible Spending Accounts

In an emergency, we can assist you with accepting flexible spending accounts.

Most PPO Plans

You'll save money if you use the plan's network of hospitals and physicians. Proper footwear to treat you correctly.

Health Saving Accounts

When you need a better therapy and are unable to afford it, you might use your health savings accounts.


We cater to everyone and ensure that the shoes you wear aid you in the treatment of your condition without prejudice.