Advanced Posting Orthotics
Advanced Posting Orthotics Improve Lives!

Foot, ankle, knee pains?  Back pain?  Body got the BLUES?  Start with your SHOES!

The better the foundation, the better the building and so it is with our bodies.  When ankles pronate (fall inward), alignment is off and our bodies compensate…it tries to help itself.  HOW?  Toes grip (hammer toes), splay (forefoot deformities develop), ankles roll (impingement on nerves and tendons).  Not only do feet hurt, but joints up the kinetic chain do:  ankles, knees, hips, and our back!  Can effect all the way to TMJ (popping in jaws)!

Advanced posting orthotics align bones and tendons.  HOW?  We perform surgery on the casts of your feet to align heel bones (the king bones of the feet) and midtarsal joints as well as forefoot alignment.  Tendon function improves…not just keeps you going like so many orthotic devices help achieve, but FUNCTIONAL IMPROVEMENT.    That’s HUGE since ligaments and tendons start firing and foot health improves.

We’re proud to offer these life changing foot supports…we support our clients and stand behind our processes and products with the Comfort Guarantee.



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