Solutions for the flattest feet…and works on milder flat feet also…Advanced Posting Orthotics bring the heel bone (Calcaneus)  in alignment under the leg bones (Tibia and Fibula).  Arch strain is relieved and impingement pain (under outside ankle bone) disappears.  Strain on midfoot joints, ligaments, posterior tibialis tendons is relieved since the joints are supported in best possible postitions.  Essentially, surgery is performed on the casts of the feet so correction is effective and SAFE then the orthotics are made over improved foot alignment so function is optimized.  You get taller.

If you can see more than 2 toes looking at someone from the rear, forefoot abduction is occurring which causes painful feet from heels to ankles to knees.  Especially check out children who can benefit from early intervention:  as the twig is bent, the branch shall grow.

What else happens?  Leg length discrepancies can disappear. Flat feet can cause up to 1/2″ leg length discrepancy!

Knee pain lessens or disappears.  Back pain improves. Heel pain is resolved (chronic heel pain patients are amazed).

World peace is achieved.  OK, maybe not world peace, but personal body peace and salvation begins!

Advanced Posting Orthotics for Flat Feet
Advanced Posting Orthotics for Flat Feet
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