Corns and Calluses

Comfort Shoe Specialists of St. Louis carries an extensive selection of shoes to accommodate corns and calluses. Beside our vast inventory, we have the skills and expertise to customize footwear, whether bought at our facility or elsewhere, to relieve painful corns and calluses.

Corns are hard areas on skin, most typically on the toes.  Corns are the result of focused pressure from ill-fitting shoes.  The skin thickens to protect a bony prominence, usually from a  malposition of a toe joint.  The skin compacts and becomes adherent instead of shedding like the surrounding skin.  Initially the build up helps the bony prominence but as the skin thickens, it causes pain.

Calluses are hard areas on the skin on the plantar surface or sole of the foot caused from excessive pressure from ill-fitting shoes, prominent metatarsal heads, or faulty bio-mechanics.  Calluses can be painful and threaten foot health and well-being.  This skin also compacts and is unable to shed the dead skin in order to make way for healthier surrounding tissues.  Often the remark is made, “I feel like I’m walking on rocks.”

The National Health Interview Survey reported that calluses and corns were the most common foot problems.  In one study of the elderly, corns and /or calluses with females had a high prevalence of 68%.

The solution lies in relieving the pressure for both corns and calluses.  Proper shoe fit is essential to improve foot health.

In today’s pedorthic facilities, there are many choices of footwear with these features.

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