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Flat feet, (other names include: Pes plano valgus; Fallen arches; sub tailor joint pronation; acquired flat feet; pronation of feet) is one of the most common foot problems and people continue to suffer because this condition is complex and not well understood, even among “foot specialists”.

Comfort Shoe Specialists flat feet,(pes plano valgus, acquired flat feet), orthotics and customizations start with hindfoot support, midfoot control and most importantly forefoot varus compensation.

Following is information about the conditions caused by flat feet (pes plano valgus or acquired flat feet) and low arches.  You may discover that controlling excess motion will provide relief from your pain and suffering!

The Flat Foot Problems

After heel strike the arch flattens in midstance.  At heel off, however, is when the foot reaches for the ground, rolling inward in over-pronation, straining the ligaments of the foot, ankle, and knee.

Especially important for those with diabetes and/or neuropathy:

Be sure to examine your bare feet after the removal of your shoes and/or orthotic devices. If you notice any areas of concern (redness, blisters, rubbing) contact a health care professional immediately.

The Flat Foot Solutions

The solution is to support the medial aspect of the foot and bring the ground to the foot in heel off so strain of the ligaments is reduced.  Just providing arch support is not enough since at heel off, the foot is not supported and will over-pronate.

What to look for?  BunionsHammer ToesCallusing (especially on the sides of the big toes and balls of feet), lower back pain.

What are the injuries?  Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, knee problems/pain, achilles tendonitis, and neuromas.

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