Forefoot Varus – Forefoot Valgus

Comfort Shoe Specialists of St. Louis specialize in people exibiting forefoot varus and forefoot valgus symptoms.  Our custom orthotics include the support needed to reduce both pronation and/or supination during any phase of gait.  Comfort Shoe Specialists orthotics can be made with deep heel cups and/or high flanges to control foot motion throughout gait.

Forefoot Valgus

Valgus means the foot is moving away from the midline of the body. In this case, the toes are pointing away from the midline of the body, towards the lateral or outer edge of the body. This foot deformity is the result of many conditions.

Forefoot Varus

Varus is different in terms of talking about the  forefoot.  It is concerned with the motion of the foot at the heel off phase of gait.  Forefoot Varus has an abnormally short first metatarsal ray which reaches for the ground as the foot moves to push off, causing the foot and limb to pronate excessively.  The great toe or hallux is the last point of contact just before swing phase of the foot begins.  As the foot over pronates at heel off, the over-pronation causes excessive movement and often excessive wear and tear.  This can cause pain in the foot, ankle, legs, knees, hips, and back.

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