Hammer Toes

Comfort Shoe Specialists of St. Louis have the experience and expertise to fit and accommodate hammer toes.  We have the equipment to help break in new shoes and make shoes that have never been comfortable finally comfy for your toes!

There are many causes for hammer toes. Over pronation and lack of arch support is one reason that is often not well understood. The toes curl and grip, trying to hold the long arches and ankles in better position, to reduce pull and strain on the ligaments (109 in each foot holding the 28 bones together!).

Another reason is short, tight footwear. There are 19 muscles in each foot and 18 of those attach to the toes. If the toes cannot move freely, the foot becomes weaker. This is just one reason that constrictive, unrealistic footwear shapes are harmful. Pointy shoes may look fashionable but they weaken the feet with every step.

Mallet toes, crossed toes, hallux varus, and hallux valgus are all painful conditions that are best solved with footwear.  Our experience is to match arch length, making the forefoot fit the priority.  Too often shoes are bought short to reduce heel slip while sacrificing the toes.  90% of foot surgeries happen in the forefoot and most of these are from ill-fitting shoes!  Toes Rule!

Foot surgeries can be successful.  At Comfort Shoe Specialists in St. Louis, reports of regret and recurrence of deformities abound.  Keep it simple, if your body has the blues (back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and especially toes!), start with your shoes!

Changing footwear to protect your investment in corrective surgery is KEY to maintaining healthy feet.  It’s an investment that you deserve!  Often a larger size is needed after surgery due to swelling and tenderness.  This is a time to take care of yourself.  We recommend adjustable walking sandals, rocker soled footwear, and/or healing compression socks and lotions.  Everything put on your feet matters.

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