How Effective Are Orthotics for Hammertoe?

Hammertoe affects around 7 million Americans making it one of the most common foot deformities in the country. A hammertoe is a disorder that causes a permanent bend in your toes, with the second, third, or fourth toes being the most frequent. Hammertoes form slowly and are flexible at first, permitting you to move your […]

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Harmful Effects of High Heels on Feet

High heels aren’t always the most comfortable shoes in your wardrobe, but they are sometimes necessary or desirable. You are probably aware of the misery and blisters that frequently accompany wearing high heels. Still, you may not understand that your shoe choice impacts you beyond the immediate distress of squeezing your feet into the shoes. […]

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What Are the Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Charcot Foot?

Charcot foot (also called Neuropathic Osteoarthropathy) is a severe condition that develops in individuals with peripheral neuropathy. This is a process of inflammation of the soft tissues, bones, joints of the foot and ankle. Without detection and proper management Charcot Foot can lead to surgery, deformity and worse outcomes. What Is Charcot Foot? Complete or […]

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Foot Exercises and Stretches

Foot Exercises and Stretches are very important in dealing with foot pain. Simple stretching and exercises can help reduce foot pain. Stretching the calf muscles reduces areas of concentrated forces to your feet. Studies have shown that you can reduce pressure (pounds per square inch) not only at heel strike but also to the balls […]

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When Pretty Shoes Turn Cruel

New York Times – published: September 20, 2003 There has been a lot of weather going on in New York this year, most of it wet. Not to mention the big blackout. What all these things had in common was the fact that it was almost impossible to deal with them in high-heeled shoes. The […]

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The Low-Down on High Heels

High heels hurt and can cause significant health problems including bunions, heel pain, toe deformities and painful trapped nerves. Frankly, most women are tired of wearing shoes that hurt their feet. A 1993 survey of 620 women found that the majority were dissatisfied with their shoes even though most paid between $50 and $200 for dress shoes. “Fashion shoes are expensive […]

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