Challenged with balance and instability, 50 y.o. male developed ulcer on 1st MPJ right foot, his better foot!  He presented with script for Custom Molded Shoes with AFO.  We had the AFO built into Boots for ease, effectiveness, and so he only has to put on his boots for work.  He wears black pants for work and black custom molded footwear is one of the easiest to always make look good and for repairs.  He is using THORLO socks which have helped to heal the ulcer plus a pre-ulcerative toe tip.

He is also a fisherman and hunter.  We fit him with New Balance 978 waterproof walking shoes with custom orthoses. The right fit well but his feet are mismated so the orthotic for left was made to accommodate smaller foot PLUS lateral heel flair and lateral wedging, done of super firm material to hold him.  Pictured below:

NB 978 Anti-suppination mod

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