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We often associate growing old with problems like wrinkles, weight gain, loss of muscle, and skin elasticity and possibly, some lifestyle diseases such as diabetes or hair loss. Not many consider the impact of aging on the most complex instrument of the human body, i.e., our feet. That is why I would take this opportunity to talk about some ordinarily yet serious foot ailments that creep in, along with your hair turning gray.

Foot Issues With Growing Age

While this is not a  complete list, it should provide insights on some of the critical issues that might need your immediate attention.

Fat Pad Atrophy: Remember us saying that aging is somehow associated with weight gain and some extra fat? Well, your feet might catch the opposite train! Many older people lose fat in their feet and feel extreme pain in the ball of the foot & heel. There are many solution for this from something as simple as a pad for the ball of the foot all the way to custom fit Orthotics Insole built for your particular needs.

Cracked heels: Cracked heels don’t seem to be a big menace to many. But dried-up heels are prone to cracks and cuts a hundred times more than healthy heels. This can also lead to foot infections if not appropriately addressed. Keeping your feet clean, dry and moisturized can keep your feet healthy. We offer creams and powders made specifically to keep your feet healthy.

Ingrown toenail: Usually a problem with the Big Toe, it is when the nail curves in and can cause redness and infection. This can be especially problematic to people with Diabetes or are immunocompromised. Usually this will resolve itself but sometimes requires medical intervention or even surgery. In many cases you can lessen the chance of getting ingrown nails by just wearing footwear sized properly to your foot which can keep pressure off the nails so they don’t bend in.

Fungal Infection: The scariest thing about fungal infection is that it is highly contagious. Having barefoot contact on contaminated floors, especially in public spaces, is the most common way of contracting this as well as how it typically spreads. Older people face this threat even more due to their declining immune systems. Itching, burning, peeling, and red skin are common with this type of infection. Wearing the proper type of shoe, slipper or sandal in public areas around pools and in showers can help lessen the chance of contracting this disease.

Gout: This condition sees its onset in middle age and is associated with arthritis. Redness and swelling occur where uric acid accumulates in an area, especially near the big toe. The pain gets unbearable over time & it is advisable to seek medical help without delay.

Flat foot: Although many are born with this condition, more than 80% of adults get it due to conditions like injury, diabetes, blood pressure problems etc.  The arch of the foot disappears due to the breaking up of the tendon, and the condition becomes painful. With the help of surgery, insoles or custom orthotics, this condition can be addressed. 

Hammer toe: As the name suggests, the toes, especially the big toe, develop an unusual bend at the middle joint. The shape resembles a hammer and can cause severe discomfort during movement. Medical help is advised as an early intervention might save you from surgery! We offer a variety of devices that can help alleviate this problem.

Osteoarthritis: This can occur when the shock-absorbing cartilage in your foot breaks down. This increases the friction among the bones, and the wear and tear bringing about intense pain and discomfort. Conditions like this need immediate attention and intervention to avoid any significant injuries.

Take Away

As I promised, I have tried to bring up some of the most common issues that can happen to your feet in your later years of life. Hence, it becomes imperative to have a proper care routine. At Comfort Shoe, we bring out the best solutions for you or your loved ones so that you can enjoy the golden years with grace and comfort.

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