FBingamanCMS 6.1366 year old male born with LEFT club foot had multiple surgeries before age 25 and the foot’s shape was greatly improved according to his report. LEFT foot has deformities  still on the lateral side at cuboid and 5th metatarsal head (ball of foot behind baby toe).  He endured painful calluses for years before using pedorthics to provide relief:  contoured footbeds to reduce pressure with mismated shoes since feet are differently sized.

He has used custom made footwear since 1998.  High top shoes and sandals provide stability.  He now uses an AFO on LEFT so we made his boot to house AFO or he can use custom trilaminate orthoses on inactive days…he is still quite active, living by a lake so he needs STABILITY on sloping, uneven terrain.

He likes wearing sandals as his recovery footwear and we have made several pairs for him:  support with toes free!  Again, high tops provide more stability and REDUCES FALLS.  All of our custom made footwear is done with high tops unless there is a significant reason not to because fit is so much better!

According to Josh White, DPM, and other experts, fall prevention is not hard to accomplish:  contoured footbeds with ankles supported.  Falls occur mostly around homes in worn slippers or stocking feet.  Contoured footbeds in sandals or slippers should be worn around homes.  If balance is compromised, wear high tops with contoured footbeds as much as possible.  At Comfort Shoe Specialists, we are trained in Fall Prevention.

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