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Fashion is important to so many women.  A recent survey of high heel wearers revealed that 90% of women want to remove their high heels after 1 hour.  But even more shocking:  half of those wanted to remove their heels after only 10 minutes!  What women do to look good is often to endure pain and discomfort, often excruciating pain…the walking wounded!

Comfort Shoe Specialists are experts at assisting women be healthier in their high heels.  Our advice:

1.  Buy this type of footwear as large as you can tolerate.  Our experience is that you will be happier after that first ten minutes.  Our culture fears shoes being too large but the reality is that more damage and discomfort is caused from small shoes than roomy shoes for most people.  1/2 size is only 1/6″!  The number is unimportant…fit is paramount!  Toes rule!

2.  Wear platforms so there is more soling between the fragile bones at the balls of the feet and the ground.  The big heel bone was designed to hold our weight, not those fragile forefoot bones so get cushioning there.  We add platform cushioning to protect those fragile joints and lower the heel height slightly.    NOTE:  illustration above has Vibram cushioned soling added to the balls of the feet, lowering heels by 3/8″.  Every fraction lowered helps reduce pressure on the balls of the feet.  We all want to keep those heels!

3.  Adding metatarsal and longitudinal arch supports helps reduce pressures while holding up arches.  Each foot has four arches!  WOW!  Arches want to fall with miles and time and supporting them reduces strain on ligaments and tendons while intervening with bunions formation and/or worsening.  NOTE:  illustrated shoes have 1/4″ arch supports added in black cushioned & supportive material since this person has high arches and arthritic feet.  Then we replaced original insole piece for aesthetics.  We like our work to be totally discreet.  Shhh…

Cute Shoe Rescue:  we adore assisting women to be more comfortable in their own high heels.  Estimated Costs:  $50 for forefoot cushioning and $55 for longitudinal and metatarsal (balls of feet) arch supports.  Results:  Can you put a more reasonable price on Greater Vitality and Focus while enjoying better health of feet, ankles, knees and back?  That’s truly priceless!


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