Fidelio red pat dress slide 8.13 Naot Deluxe Blue 6.13 Ziera Zimmer blk90% of women are in pain after an hour in high heels and want to remove the shoes!  Not surprising, huh?  Of those 90%, half are uncomfortable AFTER ONLY 10 MINUTES!

Why do women do this?  According to William Rossi, DPM, shoe historian and author of The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe, “Shoes are designed and worn, consciously or subconsciously, to covey psychosexual messages.”

I’ve been a pedorthist since 1988 and witness daily how unrealistic shoe shapes damage individuals…yet when I don heels (boots, shoes, or sandals), my persona shifts deeply at my soul level…I swear it’s in our DNA!

We seek out STYLE with COMFORT brands and models.  Our unofficial motto is:  We’ll provide you with the prettiest shoes that your feet can tolerate!

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