Footup Device 1.14

There are many causes for Drop Foot, where literally the forefoot is unable to come up (dorsiflex) so that toes clear the ground during walking (swing phase of gait).  The muscles that enable dorsiflexion (bringing up forefoot) are weakened because of stroke, neuropathy, or some other cause.  AFO’s or Ankle Foot Orthotics are prescribed fit so that plastic runs from behind leg, then underfoot and keeps the foot from dropping.  These generally work well.  BUT shoe fitting can be a nightmare since they make the foot 1-2 sizes larger.  Fortunately, we carry several models that have double depth to help with fitting.

BUT the FOOT-UP Device can be used INSTEAD of the AFO for some patients.  Who?  Those with milder cases of foot drop.  The ADVANTAGES are COMFORT, EASE OF FIT, and keeping the muscles of the affected limb from as much atrophy.  Clients/patients love them.  These can be effective and enable the wearing of existing lace shoe wardrobe, at least for part of the time.  It’s obvious if this isn’t a good choice and we have inventory in stock to try out.

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