Giesswein Vent Giesswein rasp slippersBeautiful craftsmanship on boiled wool lodge shoes and slippers are beautiful for another reason:  they help prevent falls!  Contoured footbeds support arches of the feet to provide greater balance and stability, a key to fall prevention.  Most falls occur in homes with worn, slick slippers on OR in stocking feet.  Older feet are often tender and walking without shoes is done just because the shoes hurt.  Humans avoid pain!  If shoes hurt, we won’t put them on until we have to.

TEST:  if shoes are kicked off as soon as you get home, it’s because the shoes are not comfortable.  When shoes feel good, people keep them on…all the way to bedtime UNLESS they have something else to put on.  We call these Recovery Footwear:  supportive but usually looser and feel like FOOT HUGS!

We stress that safe, supportive “house shoes” are an important component of total foot health and well-being.

The lodge shoes and slippers shown above are washable!  Though naturally water resistant, stain resistant, and dirt resistant, these can be laundered then air dried.  Removable footbeds provide relief for foot pain whether balls of feet, bunions, flat feet, or posterior tibialis tendonitis.  We customize them when more support is needed to make them perfect!

Everyone deserves a hug…especially our hard working feet!  Take care of yours and they will take care of you!

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