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“The Human Foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”. These are the words of the celebrated polymath,

Sir Leonardo da Vinci.”

Foundation Of The Body

Beyond doubt, the intricacy, complexity, and delicacy of the human foot have awed the world of engineering and medicine. The construction of the human foot. with 26 bones, 33 joints, hundreds of muscles and a sophisticated web of tendons and ligaments, are an amazing feat of evolution, allowing man to run, jump, stand upright and balance. Our feet take pride in being the robust pillars that support the entire body and any problem with them can cause problems for the rest of the body.

How Can Foot Ailments Be Problematic?

Have you heard the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility”? Well, this holds true for our feet as well. It is as simple to understand as a building losing its foundation won’t stand for long. Similarly, the body finds it challenging to stay comfortable if the feet have issues. I will share some common yet vital complications that arise from ailing feet.

Back Pain:

I know that each of us justifies our back pain by naming work overload, improper sleeping posture, etc., as frequent causes. But we give little attention to discovering whether our feet are feeling well or not. Issues such as flat feet and misaligned walking styles can land our spine in trouble. The pain, if it persists for a long time, can also create a domino effect on other joints.

Joint Problems:  

Joints in our body have two significant utilities: they are connectors and shock-absorbers. Our body’s activities produce some jolts, which are taken up by our joints.

Rapid movements such as jumping, hopping and even brisk walking produce shocks in our lower limbs. With foot issues like Flat-foot, these everyday activities become a Herculean task and our joints find themselves helpless in assisting our motion.

Posture Problems: 

At the beginning, we highlighted the foundational importance of feet in supporting our body structure. In case of any misalignment of the feet, the body becomes fragile and vulnerable to accidents. Hence, feet must be paid attention to maintain proper body posture.

Organ Function: 

I know you would never directly link foot-ailment with organ functioning. But let me help you here. Remember discussing the intricate network of nerves and capillaries present in our feet. 

In case of any complication, there are high chances that the nerve receptors of the foot might not send proper signals to the brain. And it is not Rocket Science for all of us to understand that wrong Brain signals might prove fatal in the long run!

Some common issues: 

  1. Weakness experienced in muscles, mainly in the lower limbs
  2. Persistent leg pain with continuous discomfort
  3. Stiffness of joints and tendons
  4. Improper body balance
  5. Soreness of muscles and tendons

Can We Do Something About It?

For most foot problems, these include Flat Feet, Bunions, Hammertoe, Corn, Plantar Fasciitis, etc. there are things you can do to both alleviate or resolve the issue.


Foot health can be ensured by making a minimum effort to choose the right shoes. Wearing comfortable shoes makes avoiding problems like distorted toes and hammertoe easier. Keeping in mind your foot’s proper shape, width and size, can reduce the problem or in many cases ensure the problem never starts. 

Insole Solutions: 

Insoles offer cushioning to the feet, and can even be corrective for some basic foot issues. This presents you the opportunity of wearing something that will be uniquely yours and give you the stability and comfort you need.

Orthotic inserts: 

Moving one step ahead of regular insoles and shoes, the medical industry offers customized orthotics to help you get freedom from the shackles of foot pain. Custom orthotics insoles are designed specifically for your unique foot and Issues you may have. These are the best way thing money can buy for your feet.

Bottom Line

We at Comfort Shoe not only understand your distinct foot issues but also offer a wide range of solutions that suits you. We would be more than happy to have you at our store and guide you towards happy feet and a comfortable life.

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