Ziera Zimmer Black
Ziera Zimmer Black

Looking good!  But feeling incredible…confidence is high when your feet feel great and you can wiggle your toes instead of wondering if it’s appropriate to let the shoe dangle off your heel…that means your toes are crying for more room.

These come in cappacino medium brown as well but it’s so great to have “go to” black pumps that provide sharp appearance as well as support.  HOW?  Removable footbeds have arches supported:  long arch and balls of feet will feel better.  Platform under the balls of the feet give more protection between you and the ground.  Sturdy heels improve alignment and better balance.

We like straps for daily work shoes.  WHY?  Because they hold your heels in and allow for more toe room…we know you prefer no strap, but these stay on your heels while allowing your toes some room.  Otherwise, your toes have to be crowded to keep them on your heels.  Ziera does interesting designs on the straps to add pizazz!

At Comfort Shoe Specialists:  TOES RULE!

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