Mephisto Shoes

Finest Walking Shoes
MEPHISTO claims to be the finest walking shoe on earth. Mephisto has become the most popular walking shoe in virtually every country in which it’s been introduced.

World's Finest Footwear

Mephisto has introduced such revolutionary features as speed lacing and air-circulating insoles. While other walking shoes are often 100% synthetic, rarely seeing a human hand in their manufacture, Mephisto remains a natural product (soft leather, latex, cork and rubber) and continues to be hand-made one shoe at a time in the matchless European tradition.

Styles for both Men and Women include dress shoes, sandals, hiking and casual models.

For a comfortable and effortless walking experience

The SOFT-Air TECHNOLOGY of Mephisto makes tired feet a thing of the past. The flexible SOFT-Air mid-sole reduces the shock from walking to a minimum. Thus ofering protection to your feet, relief for your joints and proper care for your back.

A Healthy Environment

The porous and breathable structure of the SOFT-Air midsole allows air to properly circulate thus ensuring a pleasant and healthy environment in the shoes. Your feet are comfortable and dry even after many hours of walking.

Walk in Total Comfort

Tests show that the soft structure of the SOFT-Air midsole reduces and evenly distributes the shock resulting from walking. Your vertebrae and joints are thus relieved and protected.

Pain-free Walking

Walking long hours on hard surfaces has harmful effects on your joints and vertebrae and results in painful joints, back pain even headache. SOFT-Air technology by Mephisto reduces shock thus allowing for a natural and healthy walking experience.

Unrivaled quality, incomparable comfort and attention to detail, have been the foundations of the brand Mephisto for over 40 years. The new Mephisto collection stays true to these fundamentals: best materials and excellent fit that make you feel wonderful right away. This summer Mephisto will carry you to far away places, to enjoy the sand, the sun and the beach all in total comfort and pleasure.