TT NEOS 1.14

NEOS may not be beautiful, but they work beautifully!  Essentially waterproof, slip resistant shoe coverings that fit over any footwear.  Pants legs tuck in with draw-string to hold in (see arrow) then Velcro closure down front with adjustable instep strap.  This means the boots can fit over any type of shoes, versatile as can be.

We have clients who wear sandals year round and this enables them to go out and/or keep appointments in bad weather.

Several years ago, we had a man come in who did not own shoes due to his size.  We cast him for custom molded shoes then fit him with 1/2″ think plastazote inside of a pair of these.  He had some protection during the 4 weeks to get his custom shoes then he had boots to wear during inclement weather.  WIN-WIN is going for the GOLD  with the best possible solutions.  That’s what we do!

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