My cousin Collie Marshall Roland asked me to watch his Dad, #1 Norton Roland, walk at our family reunion on Memorial Day. He had a hip surgery because he fell out of bed…he should be falling into bed…DUH!

Anyway, it was obvious that his post surgical left side resulted in a leg length discrepancy and should be lengthened. I searched for a Certified Pedorthist in their area to refer him to without success…what’s with that, Oklahoma?

SOOO…they came to St. Louis and we discovered that he needs a lift of 3/4 inch! We were able to fit him with work boots that look great with his overalls…yippee!

Shoe tech Joe did a split sole lift of 3/8″ heel, 1/4″ ball, 0″ toe that came out great!

Lynn, our orthotics tech, made custom orthotics to improve his balance and stability. VOILA! Fall Prevention saves our loved ones since falls are responsible for many deaths.

Also got to fit cousin Becky Sue Fowler who has pes cavus (HIGH ARCHES) in new work shoes: Aravon Maya is great for professional women who are on their feet…cute & comfy!

Collie Marshall got Gorilla Grips as a secret weapon for the golf course (hit farther & straighter), Copper Golf socks & Terox Flip flops.

We all had so much fun!

We are honored to give, love, and serve all who come and it is especially gratifying to help our loved ones!

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