Comfort Shoe Specialists carries the world’s finest shoes from around the world to meet all YOUR comfort footwear needs.  From walking shoes to dress shoes and comfort boots to work boots to casual shoes and boots to slippers to walking and comfort dress sandals to custom made shoes and boots, we can fit anyone!

Giesswein® Shoes

Mission statement: Combine soft, uniquely-durable, and breathable boiled wool with the foot support necessary to keep you health, energized, and comfortable all day long.

The Giesswein family has been committed to the environment since our first batch of boiled wool was created in Austria in 1954. Using Mother Nature’s most renewable, recyclable ingredients-wool, water, and natural rubber-we start with an economical use of resources, continue, with non-polluting production, and finish with a natural way of packaging.

Features Anatomically-correct, removable foot beds.  These are great as Recovery Footwear, loose support for lounging, traveling (airport and other transportation), as well as dinner and movie.

Alegria Shoes designed in California

Unique and fun, these rocker-bottom shoes come in exciting colors and functions from clogs and sandals to professional non-slip models for occupations like nursing.  These are much like Dansko but a soft support with a really nice cork and latex foot bed.

Fidelio Shoes from Austria

European manufactured style, quality, comfort and design have come together to make sandals and shoes for everyone. Now available in the US, Fidelio is an Austrian design that comes in many styles and colors. See the available styles.  From sandals to casuals to Mary Janes to Boots, bunion areas of all shoes are soft and accommodating so break in is easy.

Finn Comfort from Germany

Der Schuh zum Wohlfuhlen means “The shoes with the wonderful feeling!”  This phrase is on every box lid, describing the wonderful feeling when these comfort shoes are slipped on.  Using the finest, vegetable tanned leathers, Finn Comfort footwear can be resoled in our store, assuring their long lasting comfort.  Each pair of Finn Comfort footwear comes with removable insoles of cork and latex, covered with leather.  As pedorthists and custom shoe makers, Comfort Shoe Specialists customizes the foot beds to YOUR feet and needs.  If you have a pair that isn’t customized, bring them to us and we will “read the insoles” then customize for your feet.  The best can even be better after modified by Comfort Shoe Specialists!

Naot from Israel

Fashion and practical comfort sandals, clogs, dress, and casuals are made on Kibbutz Naot.  The elegant foundations offer fashion comfort while the casual styles have removable foot beds that can be customized for YOUR foot pain relief or preventive care, supporting the four arches of your feet for better foot health.

 Ziera (formerly Kumfs) from New Zealand

Accompanying this modern name are updated styles:  fashion comfort in medium, wide, and extra wide widths!  Just like women’s lifestyles, shoes for dress to impress and casuals for everyday, Ziera has beautifully made products with removable insoles to house your custom orthotics or we will customize the insoles whenever needed.  Boots with extra large calves are always a big hit…who can wear those skinny topped boots?  We appreciate being able to zip those tops up easily!

THINK! from Europe

Orthopedic Art best describes THINK! footwear.  Made from finest leathers and soling materials, the removable insoles can be customized or replaced with your custom orthotics.  These vary from HIGH Fashion to Funky Fashion, with patchwork clogs and sandals being perennial favorites.  Face sandals are available in several colors and continue to intrigue with the impish grins.

Aravon by New Balance

Motivated to provide women with more comfort is the impetus of Aravon, made only for women.  Offering slip-ons for catching that plane or dress shoes for dancing all night, Aravon has removable insoles that provide support and comfort.  Able to be customized for your foot requirements, the removable foot beds can easily be modified or replaced with your custom orthotic devices.  Our pedorthists are experts at co-coordinating solutions with needs.  The Stride Arc bottoms are excellent for hallux limitus and hallux rigidus as well as metatarsalgia.

Dunham by New Balance

Men’s Wear:  a lot of features (water proof, Roll Bar Support, Absorb cushioning) for the buck!  From casual slip-ons and oxfords to boat shoes with support to dress wear to hiking boots (the Cloud is back!), Dunham fits almost any man, from size 6 to 20 from B to EEEEEE!  All have removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics.

Tauer & Johnson made in Mexico

Made to order footwear.  Mismates are accommodated easily with high fashion footwear.  Choices of more than 50 models, leathers, and soling means unlimited possibilities for style and comfort.  They specialize in American Bison leather, especially for golf and hiking footwear since it expands as the feet heat up but the leather recovers when cooled.  The linings are luxuriously soft comfort. Fine craftsmanship, these are resoleable and can be made with removable foot beds to fit your custom orthotics devices.  They come from extra extra extra narrow to EEEEEE.


Beast and Ariel take care of highly challenged feet who need the most stability.  Physicians recommend and rely on these models, coupled with custom orthotics, to take care of over-pronating or over-supinating individuals.  The wide base of support is strong, prevents being run over. GTS 10 and Addiction Walkers are the other models carried at Comfort Shoe Specialists.  These are strong models that support well, especially when coupled with custom orthotic devices.  Multiple widths and sizes fit almost everyone!


Modern orthopedic footwear from dress to walking to hiking to athletics, Aetrex has evolved from Apex Orthopedic Footwear.  Still offering the best removable insoles with longitudinal and metatarsal supports.  Some models have multiple layers that accommodate AFO’s (Ankle Foot Orthoses) and gauntlets (leather ankle supports).  Our Certified Pedorthists and Specialists are experts at fitting AFO’s and Arizona Braces.

Women’s models are excellent, reasonably priced support that offer low fashion for everyday work and play.  Several models and leather colors to choose from, Aetrex provides solutions for foot problems from fitting challenges to the most complex foot conditions.  Removable foot beds can be customized by Comfort Shoe Specialists.


Great fitting athletic and walking shoes, good heel fit is a feature appreciated by many with “narrow heels.”  The Grid Integrity model has stretch panels across the balls of the feet that accommodate bunions and bunionettes.  Starting in spring of 2014 we are stocking running shoes as well.  All models have removable foot beds to accommodate orthotic devices.


Work and Hiking Boots with great fit and good looks.  Waterproof, lightweight, Vibram outsoles that are slip resistant are features in every boot we carry.  Also available with composite safety toes and ion mask barriers.  Approved for police and correctional workers, these offer support and good fit since they are available in generous medium and wide widths.  Removable insoles will accommodate custom orthotics.

Haflinger from Germany

Hugs for your feet!  Wool felt, contoured footed clogs are favorites to wear after work and as house shoes.  These can also be worn for errands and out to dinner.  As one customer said, “These were perfect for the Super Bowl gathering.”  We recommend Haflinger for fat pad atrophy and plantar fasciitis relief.  From structured clogs to softer slippers with hard or soft soles, Haflinger are wellness footwear with contoured foot beds.

New Balance

ProCare Dealers mean specialized training for fit and knowledge of foot conditions.  We carry only the best models though the entire New Balance line is available to order.  Multiple sizes and widths have made New Balance one of the best fitting brands in the US.  We carry models made in the USA from AA to EEEEEE and up to size 20!  Removable insoles accommodate custom orthoses.

We recommend Sole Orthotics or Birkenstock Blue Foot beds to improve foot comfort.  Want the best?  Our custom orthotics improve energy by supporting all four arches of each foot while improving ankle stability.  And they come with our Comfort Guarantee.

Drew Orthopedic Shoes

Long used for complex orthopedic foot issues, Drew Villager, Blazer, and Tracker have long medial and lateral counters for foot and ankle stability (pronation and supination).  Drew Bloom is popular for women who wear custom orthotics and AFO’s and Arizona braces who want dressier orthopedic shoes.  Truly low fashion that provides functionality for challenging feet in several colors.

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