TT T&J Forefoot rockers

This professional man has worn custom made softer trilaminate orthoses in Finn Comfort Vaasa oxfords for several years so that his feet have improved significantly.  As a consequence, his lovely bride of 30+ years wants him to have nicer shoes for dress-up events.

Solution:  custom made thin dress orthoses of sulcus length with accommodation for his enlarged cuboids into Tauer & Johnson loafers, made to order just for him:  styles she liked of luxurious leathers and craftsmanship.

The shoes on the LEFT are as they came originally with flex grooved soles.  We had advised him to get Vibram dress soles but his bride wanted a more traditional look if his feet could handle it.

After breaking in, he realized that during cocktail hours, the balls of his feet hurt.  Back he came to us for solutions.  RIGHT 2 pairs that we added forefoot rockers of 3/8″ thick Vibram soling, tapered at toes to maintain dressy appearance.  Result:  his feet are happy and so is the bride!

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