TT Lavilin 1.14The VERY BEST foot deodorant!

One woman told me it saved her marriage.  Another said that her 2 sons were able to bring their shoes in from the garage…and she had hated walking past them even there!

My friend Bill told me that his wife became more loving!  Not exactly sure what he meant by that…but happy that he’s getting more love!

I recommended it to one elderly woman because I could smell her feet even with her shoes on.  She was very grateful.

Let’s face it:  SMELLY FEET STINK!

Lavilin Foot Deodorant stops smelly feet IMMEDIATELY.  The amazing part is that it doesn’t take the entire jar either.  Applied just once/week after a shower and the cycle of contamination starts to crack.  Odor is from bacteria on the feet.  Bacteria thrive in dark, damp environments.  When you begin to eliminate that, the cycle is broken and rarely comes back.

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