Here are a few comments we’ve received from our customers and patients.

I just wanted to let you know that the new custom orthotics that you made for me are awesome! They fit great into my dress shoes and leave room for my fat feet. The leather bottoms are very smooth fitting into my shoes. Thanks so much! Best regards,
I’ve had a heel spur and plantar fasciitis for over 6 years, and have been on an ongoing quest to find good support for my feet with all their aches and pains. My ultimate goal has been to reach the end of the day and not feel like I need to spend the next million hours with my feet elevated with a bag of frozen peas on them. Well, I’ve tried many heel inserts over the years, MBT’s, and FINALLY, I found Ryn Footwear. Just last month I purchased a pair of sandals that I have not stopped wearing. Here’s what I like best: the straps are all adjustable so the sandals give me a very snug and sturdy hold around my ankles; the combination of the rocker bottom and the inner sole really soften any impact to my heel when I walk – I can even jog and not feel any pain. I’m so hooked on Ryn that I’ll never be satisfied with any other shoe again!
Brooklyn, New York
I just wanted to tell you how pleased my daughter Cathy is with the two new pairs of shoes she purchased this past Saturday. She had an appointment with Michelle, and as always, Michelle had already picked some shoes that she thought would work for Cathy. Michelle has always been very helpful in finding shoes for Cathy’s hard to fit feet. She has ordered shoes for her, and keeps a close eye on the condition of her orthotics and her shoes. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the time Michelle takes with Cathy in making sure her shoes fit properly. It took us many years to find Comfort Shoes and Michelle, and we will remain loyal customers. Thank you,
Karen Schoemehl
Dear Edith, My orthotics are incredible! Never have my feet been so happy. I can’t remember ever being so pain-free. I’ll admit that I violated the instructions about breaking them in. Once I put them in my shoes I didn’t want to remove them, except for sleeping. I have had them on constantly since they arrived. I can’t thank you enough for suggesting them. I’ll probably drop by for a second set next time I visit St. Louis. Thanks again.
Polly Cunningham Montana
Dear Edith Thanks for getting my new left orthotic to me in such record time before I leave for Florida. I appreciate the timing and shipping to me. Saved me a trip and I appreciate the customer service. I am working on the comfort factor and each day it feels better. Thanks
Kathy Green
Thank you for years of help with shoes! The Ryn Rocker Soles are amazing for my CP!
Adrienne & Larry
Columbia, MO
Dear Martha, I have always had flat feet and over pronated but my feet rarely hurt even after long runs or walks. My feet in the last year or so started hurting after even runs of only 3-4 miles. I thought I would try some orthotics to see if that would help. You fitted me with off the shelf Birkenstock Blue Arch Supports. I have run and walked using them for a couple of months. The results so far have been very good. I have been using them in all of my shoes including my running shoes. The pain in my feet after running is basically gone. I have not done any hiking with them yet but I expect that the results will likely be equally good. Thanks
Dear Comfort Shoe Specialists Well, I tried out my new Ryn hiking boots this weekend and let me just say that my feet didn’t hurt while walking, as they sometimes do. I felt the great support for my arch that I think should be in all shoes, and this kept my feet from fatiguing. And as far as everyone complaining about getting used to the rocking motion— what are they all talking about?! The rocking motion is half the fun!! I felt more secure in these shoes than I do in many other hiking boots or sneakers I have worn. I live upstairs and have to descend wooden steps leading from my deck, and I didn’t have a problem at all. And I walked on one of the windiest days we’ve had all year!! Walking felt bouncy and fun and I really felt, in a way, like I was walking on a cloud!! No pain in my lower back or knees, like what usually happens with ordinary walking shoes! None whatsoever, and believe me, these are two problem areas for me!
Louise Powell
Dear Edith I want to let you know that my new shoes (with your modifications) are great! It eliminated a discomfort I have been living with for the past 10 years. You have a customer for life! Thanks again
Tom Dugan
“Dear Edith, What a God-send the Finn ankle-top shoes have been for me! The extra toe room has proved to be a blessing and the orthotic work you did has brought much pain relief as well as greater stability when standing and walking….and they are warm! I’m most grateful for all you efforts and your consideration of my financial situation.”
Sr. Anne Marie
Society of Our Mother of Peace
Thanks to Edith, I’m running again. She gave me the gift of running!”
Jeri G.
St. Louis, MO